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These modular elements can be readily used and customized across pages and in different blocks.

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Basic Slider Markup

Sliders in Stack use the premium Flickity plugin and work by housing an unordered list .slides inside a div with class .slider

There are a number of data attribute options to customise the behaviour of the slider:

  • data-arrows= »true || false » – enable navigation arrows
  • data-paging= »true || false » – enable navigation dots
  • data-autoplay= »true || false » – enable auto-paging of the slider
  • data-timing= »NUM » – millisecond value before slider scrolls
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Adjust Slide Widths

You can adjust slide widths by using the Bootstrap grid column classes on the slide li elements.

[stack_slider paging= »true » column= »6″ image= »235,14,227,228″]
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Slider Effects

Easily modify the behaviour of the slider by adding the following classes to the .slider element.

  • .slider–ken-burns – adds subtle ‘Ken Burns’effect on slide image
[stack_slider image= »235,14,227,228″ custom_css_class= »slider–ken-burns »]

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